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Text Box: Individual and Community Empowerment

KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG)

*KÒ /Core = the part of us which connects us with each other, and the rest of the universe.) 
Functioning from the core as the foundation of human culture

Voter Registration

The mission of Human Evolutionary Movement is addressing societal challenges at the root-cause level by teaching individuals to function more consistently with whom they are and what they believe in so that they are able to make more powerful life choices. Within this framework, we aim to implement a paradigm shift in health and human services. The similar approach will be used to shift voter registration efforts from being fear based to being about a manifestation of functioning from one's core.

In a democracy like the United States, voting is the fundamental unit of power. What is preventing us from reaching a 90% voter rate in major election like for the Presidency? What would happen in under-served communities if they were to vote at a 90% rate?

Ultimately, this is a matter of choice. Or more accurately, weak choices defined as choices an individual makes which are not in her/his best interest despite having adequate information. Present voter registration efforts are forms of prevention health campaigns, and it is inadequate for the same reason that many health promotion efforts are proven to be inadequate: They are fear-based in their approach.

Humanity Evolution Movement, Inc. (HEM) is in a central to champion the conversation of community transformation at the root cause level of weak choice, to offer a paradigm shift to take on those challenges.

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From Civil Rights to Civic Responsibility

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