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Text Box: Individual and Community Empowerment 

Bedstuy KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG)
* KÒ /Core = the part of us which connects us with each other, and the rest of the universe.)

You Are Invited
"What Does Being Human Mean to You?"
A Conversation for Humanity.  Starting in Bedstuy

Building Community in Diversity
Connecting the Dots

  • Clinical
  • Political
  • Economics

We would like to invite you, Bedstuy residents and friends, to help to build community in diversity by being part of developing a pilot program in community empowerment and transformation. The goal of Bedstuy-KTG is to make Bedstuy a flagship of community transformation and civic engagement nationally by developing an empowerment program that promotes individuals functioning from their core* so that they can make more powerful life choices.This is the vision of KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG).

Elect Yourself. Elect Bedstuy

What do we mean by "Elect Yourself?" We mean for each of us to place ourselves in a higher office of individual power. Continue.

What do we mean by "Elect Bedstuy"? We have the opportunity to make Bedstuy a human potential zone. Continue.

The SCIENCE and the PLATFORM. The central points. Continue.


You Are Invited to the Conversation


Please enter your zip code in support of the KTG campaign

Live internet radio show:

Sundays 5-7pm; Guest Call-in: (347) 857-3230


FREE Open House 3rd Thursdays @6pm.

Registration required:


Volunteers needed

From Civil Rights to Civic Responsibility

Phone: 1-855-210-KORE (5673)

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[Hover 2: 80-90% societal challenges, including health and human services, are the consequences of the choices that we make. We have the opportunity to create a community cultural process which can train residents of Bedstuy to make more powerful life choices.  There are three variables in the equation of catalyzing humanity evolution. : Politics, Profit, and People.  This is in alignment with the triple bottom line paradigm. At the level of humanity evolution, we have the third component (people): the technology of human potential.  The other two components can be represented by Obama (politics), and Oprah (profit) respectively]

Hoover 3: The SCIENCE and the PLATFORM:

Science: We are connecting the dots
1. People--Human Potential
2. Planet--Politics
3. Profit--Business

1.Ultimately, the name of the game is power.
2. Where we are looking for the answer is not where it is.
3. Taking-on this is a multibillion dollar industry.
4. We have science and technology to take this on.
5. It starts with you and Bedstuy.