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Personal Project Book

I am Dr. Vington.

The Board chair of


Thank you for supporting this work...

Welcome to Personal Project Book...
PPB is an exciting piece of the puzzle of bringing together human technologies to transform our lives individually, and humanity globally.

In the family of works that PPB is part of, we have identified some key points where our present societal processes are weak, and we have developed a technology for correction, we call it Human Core\Community Process (HCP).  
We are gifting the HCP Retreat Training to our supporters who donate $1,000 or more to bringing this work to the world community.

This is the human potential mechanics chart.

It states that it ALL starts with our essence/core/spirit or our soul, which ever term works for you, and the energy moves down through our body in our brain, to our minds where we make choices, and comes out as something we create through our actions (our social beings).  PPB is about aligning the resources to take action, steps 5-8.  There are sciences and technologies which address each step of this human process. A central place where our present societal process is inadequate is at steps 3-5, motivation to choice.

The SCIENCE of motivation tells us that there are four ways to motivate someone. ALL human interventions/interactions function in one or more these cells.
Cell-I is to motivate by giving a reward. The exact scientific/clinical language is random-positive-reinforcement. Cell II is about the fear of receiving a punishment, Cell III is about the fear of losing a reward, Cell IV is about the fear of being left with a punishment.  In this context, a punishment is simply something that one does not want.  There is no judgement intended in this term.

The primary consequence of us not being able to function in cell-I is that we function in cells II-IV, which are fear based.

It is important to note that Cell-I is the cell of giving a reward randomly. A great reward happening randomly is the probability equation of hope. Thus Cell-I combines math (probability), (motivation) science, and spirituality (hope). This is the science behind the thinking “If one is not living in hope, one is (by default) living in fear.”

Overwhelmingly, most of our human functions operate in cells II-IV.  That is, at this point in humanity evolution at least ¾ of human process is fear-based. Focusing on cell-IV, motivation is out of the fear of a “punishment” staying with you. This is the premise of the industry of health and human services, and thus the scientific basis of its failings.

For example, one comes to a doctor/lawyer/social worker to have one’s “punishment” taken away. With the subtext that if one does not go to these professionals one’s problem is going to remain. Here we see we have a multibillion dollar industry operating in the wrong cell.


In America for example, it can be estimated that 70-90% of all our societal challenges are the results of the choices we make individually and collectively. Yet we don’t focus on choice at the level of a public health intervention. The weak choices we make, that is, choice which we make which are not in our best interest despite having adequate information, is based on us not functioning in cell-I of motivation science.  Presently there are no societal institutions which systematically teaches us to function from Cell-I of motivation.  HCP technology was developed by doing a clinical gap-analysis of our major societal institutions: Family school church work place sports and entertainment.  What was discovered is that each of these institutions is lacking is one way or another in their function as a place that makes the mind strong, that is, in their psycho-cultural infrastructure function.

Moving the human mind from cells II-IV to Cell-I functioning is what we are calling humanity evolution.  HCP better aligns one’s mind to function in Cell-I of motivation science. 

We have the technology.  We have the methodology.

 Thank you for being part of HumanityEvolutionMovement “I Can Change the World” campaign.