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Text Box: Individual and Community Empowerment

KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG)

*KÒ /Core = the part of us which connects us with each other, and the rest of the universe.)
Functioning from the core as the foundation of human culture

KÒfit: Mind and Body Fitness

Now that your body is fit, what about you mind?

KÒfit is a program which integrates physical fitness with mind-fitness. The underlying challenge that most are having with taking on being physically fit, is actually a mind-fitness challenge: The motivation and the choice to take on that challenge. The KÒfit program is unique in that it moves physical fitness from a fear-based task (e.g. I need to be fit to prevent or alleviate a condition—which is the logic of most 'health programs,') to being core-based practice to take on those challenges.

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From Civil Rights to Civic Responsibility

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