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KÒèx is the program being developed to bring women and men of the sexuality community into the conversation of humanity evolution.


From sex to sexuality
From behavior to choice
From revolution to evolution

The goal of this group is to create a program that promotes the development of a community of women and men who function from their core* in the context of their sexuality (ies) so that they can make more powerful life choices.  Having mastered that skill set—to function from one’s core—they will then be able to function as ambassadors/mentors to catalyze a transformation of sexuality community and culture. 

Having had to make a contrary choice on a fundamental aspect of human existence, members of the sexuality community had to face the centrality of choice to human existence at a most profound level.  The uniqueness of that experience is the bond. 

The KÒèx program of Humanity Evolution Movement is the call out for members of the sexuality community to join the conversation connecting their sexuality to humanity evolution.  Building a community based on the connection of sexuality to humanity evolution is the platform of the KÒèx program.

Central Role for the Marginalized: Moving the conversation from “fighting phobias” to connecting with a higher purpose (a role in humanity evolution) moves it from fear-based motivation to strength(core)-based motivation.   More specifically, it moves it from cells II-IV to cell-I of motivation science.

The linking characteristic of the sexuality community identity  is that it emphasizes the experience of having made a difficult choice connected to a primary life force.  Put in evolutionary context, fear has played a major role in the human process.  The biased challenges in our society, as in biased-crimes, are fear based.   The psychology of biased crimes is based in creating a group of people as ‘other than us,’ which then serves as the object of our fears in biased crimes. The need to create an ‘other,’ (Otherfication or otherization) is fear based.

The challenge facing human society at this point in evolution, is to make different choices of action despite the fear.  And in that process, overcome fear as a human burden.  Thus, a community of individuals who had to make a choice on how to live out their sexuality is in a unique place to speak on the process of choice as an evolutionary force. In a present world order where choice is a determinant practice, a community of individuals who are in line to have to make that kind of choice are in a key position to champion the conversation of maximizing the choice process as a key to human survival. This is thus a central role for the marginalized. 


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