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Why HCP Technology?

  • Science Based/ Evidence-Based
  • Integrative (Spirito-bio-psycho-social)
  • Root Cause Level .

Human Core\Community Process (HCP)is a tool that promotes mind-discipline by providing exercise-routines for the mind, allowing one to better align one’s mind and one’s behaviors with one’s core. One’s core can be regarded as that part of us which connects each of us with the rest of humanity/universe. By being able to more systematically access one’s core, one is then able to make more powerful life choices. In fact, one is then able to create choices. HCP is an integrative model using the evidence-based cognitive behavior (CBT) approach combining the core/spiritual, the biological, the psychological, and the social. HCP is an application CBT grounded in the modern science of motivation.

Human Potential Technology
The technology of human resilience.
HCP is the technology which formats us to master
the quality of life equation.

Quality of Life Equation:
A+ B + C + D= E
Which of these variables, if changed, can change the value of ‘E’? Changing anyone of the variables would change the value of ‘E.” The significance of this is that as long as one is a variable in one’s life condition one can shift the outcome. Even if one is much smaller than all the other variables in their life situation at the time, as long as they were part of the equation, one can change the outcome. This is human potential.
HCP formats us to align the four parts of our being: Core (Spirit/Essence/Soul), (2) Body, (2) Mind, and (4) Social. In doing this, we function more integrated-ly as human beings. Shifting human society to function more integrated-ly is what we are terming humanity evolution, functioning from the core as the foundation of human culture. This corresponds to moving us from cells II-IV of motivation science to cell-I.

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