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Humanity Evolution Movement: Moving human function from cells II-IV to cell-I of motivation science.

Motivation Science: The SCIENCE of motivation tells us that there are four ways to motivate someone. ALL human interventions/interactions function in one or more these cells.

Cell-I is to motivate by giving a reward. The exact scientific/clinical language is random-positive-reinforcement. The primary consequence of us not being able to function in cell-I is that we function in cells II-IV, which are fear based. Cell-II is about the fear of receiving a punishment, Cell-III is about the fear of losing a reward, and Cell-IV is about the fear of being left with a punishment.
It is important to note that Cell-I is the cell of giving a reward randomly. A great reward happening randomly is the probability equation of hope. Thus Cell-I combines math, (motivation) science and spirituality. This is the science behind the thinking “If one is not living in hope, one is (by default) living in fear.”

Overwhelmingly, most of our human functions operate in cells II-IV. Focus on cell-IV, motivation out of the fear of a “punishment” staying with you, is the premise of the industry of health and human services, and thus the scientific basis of its failings.
For example, one comes to a doctor/lawyer/social worker to take away one’s problems. With the subtext that if one does not go to these professionals one’s problem is going to remain; hence, this is cell-IV. Here we see we have a multibillion dollar industry operating in the wrong cell.

In America for example, it can be estimated that 70-90% of all our societal challenges are the results of the choices we make individually and collectively. Yet we don’t focus on choice at the level of a public health intervention.

While science tells us that cell-I is the most powerful cell in which to function in terms of motivation, most of our human interactions function in cells II-IV.  Even when we function in cell-I, the reward we use is an external reward.  It is by far the minority of human practices which uses accessing of (random) internal reward as the motivation object.  Moving humanity from cell II-IV (fear-based) to cell-I (hope-based) is what is being called humanity evolution.   The catalization of this humanity evolution will take a movement, hence our not-for-profitHumanity Evolution Movement, Inc.

  1. Core (Zantray):This is the faculty which connects us not just with each other, but with the rest of the universe. Some may also refer to it with words such as spirit, soul or essence.
  1. Human Core\Community Process (HCP): Human Core\Community Process (HCP) is a tool that promotes mind-discipline by providing exercise-routines for the mind, allowing one to better align one’s mind and one’s behaviors with one’s core. One’s core can be regarded as that part of us which connects each of us with the rest of humanity/universe. By being able to more systematically access one’s core, one is then able to make more powerful life choices. In fact, one is then able to create choices. Thus, HCP is an integrative model combining the core/spiritual, the biological, the psychological, and the social.
  1. HCP Technology... Giving you the focus to live beyond circumstances you did not create, and the power to create your life circumstances.

    By the end of the training, participants will have:
  • Learned a systematic way of connecting with their core, clear out their past experiences which are still burdensome, critically reformulate their present choice options, make and begin to implement plans to methodically move their lives more powerfully.
  • Learned how to make CHOICES that maximize their human potential in application to personal happiness, job/career, life purpose, projects, and to everyday life in general.
  1. (Haitian) Fundamental Reality: Only a unified Haitian people can have enough power to successfully negotiate with the international community on behalf of Haitians. There is NO one right now, no individual, no commission, no government who has enough power to do that. Only the Haitian people could have enough power to take control of Haiti's destiny for the betterment of Haiti and Haitians. But the power of a people ultimately is determined by the bond among them, and right now the Haitian bond is NOT strong enough. Until we build the Haitian bond, nothing we do as Haitians will have any value. This is a fundamental reality. It is “an inconvenient truth.” Our ancestors foretold the importance of maintaining a strong bond: “The union makes the force.”
  1. Haitian Global Community : We use ‘Haitian Global Community’ to indicate a coming together as oppose to ‘diaspora’ since the latter can connote disbursement and aimlessness.
  1. Social HealthClub:  Is a private club with emotionally and intellectually balanced activities. The purpose of a social health club is to provide quality downtime for those who are engaged (consciously and unconsciously) in humanity evolution work in their own right.  We believe in the practice of getting off of the sheer sharing of human energy naturally, with no additives.  This is party with purpose.  We provide healthful foods, juices, and water in a smoke, drug, alcohol free space.   It is a mind-fitness center. 
  1. Mind Fitness: The informational deficiency which contributes to our life challenges individually, and to our societal challenges as a human culture, is not inadequate/insufficient external information. It is the inconsistency of the internal information, the information that we have internalized, created, or failed to create.  The complete process of mind-fitness is one of taking information, processing its internal value, and creating whatever information is missing. The solution to the internalization of false truths is not yet to read another book, but to write-out one’s own life manual.  The suggestion to write an essay on “What Does Being Human Mean to You?” is essentially an invitation to begin to write YOUR own life manual, because most of us were not born with or given one.
  1. Mind-Fitness Center:  A place where individuals are encouraged to socialize from their core, to practice creating social connections which are true without the need to dull our senses.  It is a place to party with purpose.  Enjoy a multitude of activities: Food, music, dancing, karaoke, open-mic, live performances, games, and movie screenings.  Interact on multiple levels:  Share meaningful conversations, meet and greet sessions, WiFi networking, and connecting with new and old friends.  A mind-fitness center is a place to socialize with others who are living life powerfully from the core.  Network and build your social capital.  This is a social space to celebrate the manifestation of your greatness.  Come to community. 
  1. Otherization/Otherfication: Today, it is out fear that we have a need to create an “other,” otherization/ otherification.  The creation of an 'other' allows to us bind that fundamental fear that we all have as human beings.  This fear can be regarded as the cost of having human consciousness; that is, of being aware of our own existence, and thus our mortality.  Creating an “other” gives us an object to be “better than” and diminishes the anxiety of our mortality.   The formulation is this:  You are other than me, and I am better than you.   This is the basis of “-isms” (e.g. racism, classism, sexism) and their variants (e.g. homophobia).  [I did not find a reference to this anywhere else in the site. Did I miss something? As “the Other” is not an original concept for HEM, I do not think that it is needed here. If it is referenced, it definitely should include references to scholars who have written extensively on the subject.  See central role for marginalized text.  I think given what we are doing this is a central concept to introduce on the website.]
  1. Psychocultural Infrastructure: One of the shortcomings of our efforts to overcoming these social injustices, however, is that we have failed to approach the root of these problems.  These problems share the common root of being based in fear on an evolutionary basis  This shortcoming is a reflection of inadequacy of our psycho-cultural capital. Psycho-cultural capitalis defined as the resource which individuals and group access in order to make the best life choices.  It is the product of psycho-cultural infrastructures.  Psycho-cultural infrastructures, in turn, are defined as the institutions and processes that contribute to mind health on the individual, group, community, and societal level.  The discipline of mind health, which subsumes the medical specialty of psychiatry, addresses the will and discipline to do what is best.   Fear-based psychology is the central impediment to us as individuals, and collectively as a human society to choose to do what is best.