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Jan.12, May 18, and Nov. 18

KÒjou: Jou Mach Silans Global: 3x/ane--12 Janvie, 18 Me, ak 18 Novanm -- Mache/ fè pelerinaj nan prezans fòs la.  Mache nan inite, pale avèk silans.
Mesaj yo:
1. N ap bay kominote priyorite
2. Nou gen disiplin
3. N ap konekte avèk fòs nou


Now, once more, we are taking our destiny in OUR own hands.
·         We are reaching for the power within us ALL.

·         We are disciplined.

·         We are giving priority to community, and

Process:  Throughout the world, Haitians,  AND non-Haitian family, friends, and supporters, will organize to gather at different localities in total silence for the day and/or share silence marches, with the hours of 3:00-6:00pm being hours of focused silence. How much of the day one spends in silence is an individual decision based on how much help you feel Haiti need to move from where it is.  Afterwards, we open our homes, houses of worship, restaurants/ clubs/bars, places of business, or go to an open public space for us to have KÒvèsasyon from 7-10 pm.

In Brooklyn, New York we will start at Empire BLVD entrance of Prospect Park, we will on Empire Blvd. to Nostrand Ave, then turn right down Nostrand and walk to Farragut Ave (Toussaint Louverture Blvd.).