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Text Box: Individual and Community Empowerment

KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG)

*KÒ /Core = the part of us which connects us with each other, and the rest of the universe.) 
Functioning from the core as the foundation of human culture

Bedrock: Human Home from the Core

Bedrock: Bringing homeless individuals to their core as the foundation to building human home.  Homelessness is a statement of individual challenges as much as it is a statement of societal shortcomings.  Homelessness highlights under tapped human potential.
Homeless people are a community which can help to shed light on the inadequacies of the underpinnings of our society, and thereby play a central role in helping to build society.  From this vantage point, the mission of the Bedrock Project is to help the community of homeless individuals to access their core so that they can make more power life choices, and to use their human resources to play a central role in community building and transformation. The objective of the Bedrock project is to help members of the homeless community to develop the skills to transform their experience of homelessness into an area expertise which they can then leverage into self-sustainability

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From Civil Rights to Civic Responsibility

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