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Building Human Potential
Infrastructure Globally

What would happen if 90% of us stopped doing the things we KNOW are not good for us?
What would happen if 90% of us voted?
What would happen if 90% of kept our promises to ourselves?
What would happen if 90% of us lived from our core?

Occupy…the globe.

THE Movement:
Accession of individual power
as THE building block to the
deconstruction of societal injustices

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The Power of ALL

The call for global unity is POWERFUL in its intention. However, global unity can only be realized when human consciousness can create. The present state of societal injustices, including global imperialism, and the other -isms, is the product of the net human mind at this point in humanity evolution. Thus the call for global unity is a call for a parallel shift in human consciousness.


"Shop Inside"
"Don't buy what you already have... Look inside."
"All my necessary accessories are in my closet.... Inside"

The structure of inequality is stabilized in the dynamic of consumerism.
Consumerism is a necessary component to perpetuate a social structure of inequality.

Consumerism is often encouraged by business forces, perpetuating inequality


Reconfiguring Diversity:
HEM is doing the work of developing the community/cultural process of helping people to connect
with the bigger part of being human that we ALL share.
Our "diversity" is actually the smaller part of being human.

Humanity = Human Unity
While there are many religions, most of us believe that there is only one God.  Yet, despite this central shared belief, differences in religion continue to be a nemesis of human-unity (humanity).

Faiths for Humanity committee of HEM is taking on the work of bringing people of all faiths to the conversation of the ONE God/Universe, and the commitment of the ONEness serving as a bond which is indeed bigger than the diversity of our differences.

We have the human TECHNOLOGY. We have the methodology.


Psychocultural Infrastructure
THE PROBLEM: Our present societal structures (Psychocultural infrastructures: Family, school, houses of worship, work place, sports/ entertainment, etc.) are not adequately addressing the systematic lost of human power, leading fear-based human culture.

Application: A root cause analysis (RCA) of all of our societal challenges and pursuits reveals a link. Weak Choice—which is defined as "choices an individual makes which are not in her/his best interest despite having adequate information." This includes nine of the ten leading causes of death. And would also include other societal challenges like: not-voting, violence, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, and homelessness. Weak-choice culture is the flip side of the coin to fear-based culture--it is out not adequately connecting to our (individual) power that we are weak and are in fear. Both of these are statements of (lack of) power, real or imagined.

The atomic unit of global unity is for each of us to learn to function from our place of power.

We can take this on as THE global "public health" intervention.

We have the technology. We have the methodology.

Humanity Evolution Movement is unique in its approach in doing this global community work in two key respects: Employing a critical analysis of the problem, root cause analysis, and having human technology, Human Core\Community Process (HCP) to correct the problem.

HCP technology...
The power to create your life circumstances,
and the ability to live your life beyond
the circumstances you did not create

Humanity Evolution Movement is a call out to ALL who hear the calling of the need to shift human thinking, and all those who are at the bottom of the present paradigm, to take on the evolutionary role of shifting the paradigm. It is a call to go from "leadership to leader-shift."

In the greatness of you, you are invited to this conversation.

The power of ALL.